Exercises and Games Specifically for Dalmatians and Other Active Dogs

If you own a dog, you probably are wondering about his entertainment activities and healthy tips.

Yes! Regular exercise keeps your pup healthy and fit. This is your dog’s basic need which needs to be fulfilled at any cost. It prevents boredom and assists in maintaining a good body.

So if your pooch is getting bored, here are some amazing games and exercises for him. 


How Much Exercise A Dog Needs:

On an average basis, a dog needs 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily. However, the amount of exercise varies as per the dog’s age, breed, height, and other physical attributes.

For some lazy dogs, 30 to 60 minutes of exercise are more than enough. However, Dalmatians and other active dogs may need one to two hours of intense exercise on a daily basis.

Note: growing up, puppies are more energetic and need more amount of exercise despite their breed.

About Dalmatians:

Dalmatians, an active dog breed that thrives for human companionship. They have a unique and eye-catching block spot coat that adorns their masters. The distinctive dog breed was originally bred to safeguard horses. They are bright, loyal, and loving house dogs. A graceful dog with great stamina proves to be a wonderful runner.

Indoor Games and Physical Exercise for your Dog:

Just like games and exercises benefit humans, they are also fruitful for dog’s health. Games and exercises that tire out puppies and prevent health issues like depression, obesity, heart conditions, muscle loss, diabetes, etc. They are essential for your dog. One of our favorite places to buy games and toys specifically for Dalmatians and other active dogs is www.dalmatiangifts.com. They have a wide variety of cute gifts for Dalmatian owners as well as toys for active dogs.

Here are some amazing games and exercises that keep your pup busy and healthy.

  1. Run Up and Down on Stairs:

Running up and down on stairs can be the best exercise your pup could get. He adores playing on stairs. However, the stairs game is not recommended if your pup is old or having any joint issues.

  1. Hide and Seek:

Hide and seek makes your dog happy, as Larry. He is excited to find the hidden items and weep for joy after he discovers them.

The game makes your little furry friend physically active and increases his smelling capability. To keep the game interesting for him, keep changing places to hide items.

  1. Passing the Pillow:

Do you want to see your dog wagging his tails out of happiness?

Passing the pillow game can easily do this. Take a small pillow or a ball or any other item and throw it at your dog. Let him catch the item and have fun!

  1. Set Up Obstacles:

Dalmatians are highly active. They need plenty of exercises and games that keep them physically active. Setting up interesting obstacles is one of those games.

Keep chairs, tables, pillows, or road cones on his way. Let him jump over the chair, going under the table, and playing around pillars and cones. This increases the dog’s stamina and keeps him busy.

  1. Fetch Game:

Dogs love playing fetch games with their masters!

Throw an object anywhere and let your dog bring it back to you. This is a great exercise to keep him healthy and happy.


Games and Mental Exercise for Your Dog:

Dalmatians have a high intellectual ability. They easily catch commands and effectively perform their task. But brains do require exercise.

Here are some entertaining games that stimulate your pooch’s mental ability.

  1. Which Hand Game:

Dogs get delighted in the disappearing objects game. All you need is to take a small object, place it in your hand, and close your fists. Show both hands to your pup and let him sniff to find which hand holds a reward.

Reward your pup if he answers correctly. Suppose didn’t give him one more chance.

  1. Teach Your Pup Basic Commands:

This is an effective way to trigger the intellectual ability of your dog. Teach him all basic and essential commands to reinforce positive behavior.

  1. Shell Game:

Shell games grab your puppy’s attention and enhance his problem-solving skills.

This is the coolest game for your dog. Simply several take cups, place a tiny object under any one cup, and shuffle them thoroughly. If your pup finds the right cup, treat him with his favorite toy or food.

  1. Give your Dog a Job:

Dogs with a high intelligence level like Dalmatians accept challenges and obey commands.

Train your dog and teach him where you keep particular objects and command them to assist you in home chores. For instance, he can pick clothes from the floor and put them in the basket, and also fetch you things like a TV remote, toys, water bottle, etc.

Entertain your Dogs with Toys:

Are you out of ideas on what games to play and which exercise can keep your pup healthy and happy?

Don’t worry!

We have a bag full of amazing ideas. Check them out and keep your busy:

  1. Treadmill:

Treadmills for dogs? Surprised?

Ha-ha! Yes. Dogs love to ride on treadmills.

Train them on how to use the treadmill when it’s turned off. Then turn it on at a slow pace. Make sure you keep an eye on them when they are exercising.  

  1. Puzzles:

Dogs become more active when it comes to accepting a mental challenge. Puzzles are quite entertaining. Get a variety of pet puzzles for your pup and change them in a couple of days to maintain his interest.

  1. Chewable Toys:

Toys are a great way to keep your pooch busy. It helps in burning the dog’s calories and keeps him healthy and active.

Final Verdict:

Dogs need exercises and games too, to prevent boredom and to maintain good health.

Note: Consult a vet before starting any intense exercise for your dog.